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Artificial Astro Turf Lawns

Looking for a fresh clean lawn that stays looking tidy 365 days of the year? An artificial lawn is a great way for those seeking a fresh open garden space but one that requires very little maintenance. When it first came out artificial lawns often looked fairly cheap and tacky but now there's such a variety to choose from. Most of the products we supply and fit for homeowners within Rugby and the surrounding areas boast a blend of colours to avoid a lawn that looks a little top perfect, with a variety of shades built with a brown curly thatch running through the base the more deluxe ranges aim to provide an authentic look whilst providing all the benefits an artificial lawn has to offer.

Whether you're looking a Rugby based homeowner or live within the surrounding areas and are looking to landscape a large or small garden, balconies, a roof terrace or even a small indoor space, we can supply and fit a range of lawns to meet the requirements you need. When fitted correctly our artificial lawns are pet and child-friendly and fully porous meaning water can pass through like natural grass and prevent pooling.


With any lawn, we fit we'll always make sure it's laid on the correct base. This will mean we'll need to excavate an area in order to lay an appropriate sub-base of hardcore followed by a layer of sharp sand and granite dust to provide a firm feel but one that provides sufficient drainage. 


When fitting your new lawn we can also provide additional upgrades such as pet odour prevention which comes in the form of a negative charge infill which sits at the base of your turf and neutralises the ammonia in your pet's urine.  This clever substance is naturally cleansed and restored by rainwater and flushes out any harmful bacteria. We can also add a shock pad base to enhance the feel of your lawn by providing a soft cushion feel which will add a spring in your step, ideal for families with young children who undoubtedly take the odd tumble here and there!

If you're unsure as to the benefits v the disadvantages of an artificial lawn, we've created a list below to help you make an educated decision.

Artificial Grass is a very smart and suitable solution for your lawn and has several benefits that make it more convenient for the owner.

Weather Resistant

Artificial grass always looks aesthetically pleasing in all types of weather. This is because the weather does not have a direct impact on the appearance of the turf. It will continue to stay green, neat, tidy, and look good all year round, whatever the weather, also due to the inbuilt UV protection it means your lawn won't fade in the sun and will continue to stay its original colour and remain neat and tidy year-round, as long as you remember to sweep up the leaves and give the lawn a quick wipe if you spill anything on it! 


Low Maintenance


An artificial lawn doesn't need to be watered, mowed or trimmed around the edges. Once we lay it, that's how it will stay! It also has the added benefit of looking great even throughout the winter months which means you're garden will be the envy of your neighbours once there's has turned muddy and patchy as the colder weather draws in. 

Saves Time

Less time spent maintaining your lawn means more time to spend enjoying your garden. No need for maintenance, just sit back and relax. 

No Lawnmowers

An artificial lawn does not require the use of a lawnmower like real grass does cut it. Petrol & diesel lawnmowers are bad for the environment and potentially dangerous. As your artificial lawn does not require a lawnmower to maintain it, this reduces air pollution caused by lawnmowers, making you one step closer to having a carbon-neutral home! If you have an electric lawnmower it also reduces the cost of your monthly bill meaning more pounds in your pocket which is handy given the current circumstances we find ourselves in with the energy crisis. 

Ideal for Older Users

Do you struggle to carry out maintenance in your garden? Whether it's age-related, a disability or you're just short on time, an artificial lawn requires no maintenance which means it stays looking great all year round. 

Ideal for Holiday Homes

Own a holiday home? Then having grass may be a bit of an issue when it comes to maintenance which is why having an artificial lawn will come in handy. With no maintenance required you can guarantee your lawn will be looking perfect when you arrive for a well-deserved break no matter how long you've been away. You'll also be able to relax straight away without the need to get out the lawnmower, handy when you're looking for a relaxing break.


No Watering Needed

Artificial grass does not need to be watered like natural grass. This is better for the environment because it reduces water usage. By cutting your hose pipe and sprinkler usage, you can both save water and save on your water bills.

Pet Friendly

Artificial turf can't be dug up by animals meaning you won't have any more muddy patches on your lawn! We can also treat the base with a negative charge infill which kills the ammonia in your pet's urine and prevents nasty smells.



Once the initial outlay has been spent having your new lawn fitted there's very little upkeep required. If you have pets you may want to top up the negative charge infill but apart from that just keep it clear of leaves and other garden waste you may have and it will remain incredibly low cost (if any at all).

Natural Looking

The appearance of synthetic grass has improved vastly over time and many higher-end surfaces have a very convincing natural appearance. The turf we install is created with a blend of colours so it replicated natural grass where blades will have colour variations. The more luxurious lawns have a brown thatch base to emulate how a real lawn grows from the base up.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

Artificial grass could also be very beneficial to people with busy lifestyles because it requires little to no maintenance. If you have little time for garden maintenance, synthetic turf is a perfect choice as it does not need to be maintained to keep it looking good.


Use in all Weather Conditions

Another pro of artificial grass is that it can be used regardless of the weather. For example, in sports, the weather will not delay players from using the turf.


Heat Resistant

In the heat, artificial grass won’t die or become dehydrated like natural grass.


Variety of Design & Style Options 

Artificial grass offers the customer a wide variety of colours, piles, lengths, densities, textures, yarn, and design options which means you can customise it to your own needs and style choices.


Highly Versatile for a Range of Settings

Artificial grass is highly versatile. Not only does it look amazing in the garden, but it can be used in a wide range of settings and locations such as gyms, restaurants, hotels and retirement homes. 


Excellent Drainage

When installed correctly, artificial grass has excellent drainage properties but it must be laid on the correct base to do so. If the foundations aren't prepped properly then it won't allow water to filter back into the ground correctly. We ensure the turf is laid on the correct base and only use artificial turf which has pre-drilled drainage holes to sufficiently allow water to escape. 


Eco-Friendly Maintenance

Many people believe that a natural lawn will be greener and environmentally friendly to maintain. However, this might not always be the case. “In 2009, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found that an hour of petrol-powered lawn mowing produces as much pollution as four hours of driving a car”. Source:


UV Stabilised

Artificial turf is UV-stabilised for fantastic protection against the sun. This means it won’t fade or discolour in sunlight and will maintain its vibrant green colour.

Child Friendly

Artificial grass is very child-friendly. It is mess-free, soft and cushioned so perfect for playing on, and requires no chemicals or pesticides so is safer. This makes it great for kids. 


Perfect for Schools

Many schools have now installed artificial grass to create a safe and clean environment to play and learn in an outdoor classroom. 



Artificial grass is allergy-free, which makes it perfect for those with allergies and who struggle with hay fever. Grass pollen is a high cause of allergies, whereas artificial turf stays pollen-free so you can stay hay-fever free all year round.


Tired of the kids & pets dragging mud through the house when they come in the house after playing in the garden during the wetter months we have. Artificial grass is laid on a base of stone and sand with an optional upgrade of a shock-free base meaning you can look forward to no more muddy footprints, muddy patches, and no more dogs digging up mud holes in the turf and walking paw prints into the house.


Great for Shaded Areas

Is your garden fairly well covered? If you struggle with your grass growing in certain areas due to a lack of sunlight then astro turf could be the answer to your problem! Your artificial lawn will stay green year-round without the need for sun or water.

Weed Resistant

It's important your artificial lawn is laid on the correct base and that it's been prepared properly. By laying the correct foundations and applying weedkiller first before laying the stone & sand base then by applying a weed membrane your new Astro turf lawn will be weed-free! Meaning less time spent carrying out maintenance in the garden and more time relaxing and enjoying it.



The majority of artificial lawns last around 15 years, the good news is after this point it's relatively cheap to replace as the preparation work has been done properly. By topping up the sub base with some extra sand/stone and by re-compacting it all, we then just fit your new astro turf layer and fix it into place and your set for another period. 


No Lawn Disease

Artificial grass is not susceptible to lawn diseases like natural lawns are. Lawn diseases such as Rhizoctonia destroy your real turf and requires time, money, and effort to fight off.

No Flooding or Drought

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is not susceptible to flooding or drought. Our turf drains quickly, so it won’t get waterlogged or flooded. Likewise, it does not require water, so will not be affected by lack of water or drought. It will stay looking vibrant whatever the weather.


Ideal for Small Spaces

Artificial grass is ideal for small spaces such as roof terraces or small garden areas in large cities where outside space is limited. This makes seemingly unusable spaces brighter and able to be used for multiple new uses. 


Easy to Maintain

Artificial turf is very easy to maintain. Simply remove debris using a leaf blower, brush, or rake, and if the grass gets dirty and requires cleaning, hose it down using detergent and a brush.


Highly Durable

Artificial grass is highly durable. It can withstand wear and tear, is weather-proof, does not dry out, does not get waterlogged, and will not fall victim to pest infestations. It is way more robust than real grass.


Recyclable & Sustainable


Our grass can be recycled at the end of its life so that it can be repurposed into other products. This reduces landfill and waste, preserves resources, prevents pollution, and saves energy. This makes our artificial turf products highly sustainable and reduces the impact on the environment. 

Cons of Artificial Grass

There are some cons of artificial grass and these may sway customers towards choosing natural grass instead.

Not as Long-Lasting as Natural Grass

For some, a disadvantage of artificial grass is that it will not last for the same time as natural grass will. On average, artificial grass has an expected lifespan of 7-15 years. This is still a long time and will provide the customer with many years of easy maintenance. However, some people will prefer natural grass because it will last longer but require regular maintenance.

Can Get Hot in Extreme Heat

Artificial grass can get hot in extreme heat, however, it should not cause any burns. Applying sand infill will help keep the turf cool. Using common sense such as spraying the grass with cool water, wearing appropriate footwear, and laying a white blanket where you intend to sit can help keep you cool in warmer temperatures.

May Reduce Biodiversity

Artificial turf may reduce the biodiversity of your garden as it is made of plastic and so is not a natural material that wildlife can live in.

However, by planting flowers, shrubs, and plants around your lawn and in other areas of your garden, you can combat the lack of biodiversity, encourage wildlife, and make your garden a habitat for many different species whilst providing a safe and practical year-round space for all the family to enjoy – this way, you get the best of both worlds.

Why Poor Quality Fake Grass is Bad

Poor-quality fake grass is bad because it usually has a thin and sparse pile that looks like unnatural plastic. This thinner pile makes it easier to wear down from foot traffic and therefore decreases longevity.


Experience the Amazing Benefits of Artificial Grass for Yourself

It is clear that the pros of artificial grass far outweigh the cons. Artificial grass is low maintenance, durable, pet-friendly, long-lasting, cost-effective, offers flexible design options, and will give you a green, vibrant space that you can enjoy all year round.

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