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Garden Buildings & Offices

Looking to add a new building to your property? Whether it's a summer house, a workshop for all your tools and cars, a home office where you can work in peace and quiet, a man cave or a woman cave equipped with a bar and golf simulator, a home gym or a workspace for things like nail technicians or work from home hair salons. The list is endless and it's amazing what you can create with a small amount of space.

We specialise in brick and block buildings rather than some of the timber garden offices you see advertised. The reason being is you'll be getting a substantially stronger building but one that will be insulated. We can also fit a flat, pitched or lean-to roof depending on your preference but planning permission may be needed depending on the overall height of the building.

We can create stud internal walls or blocks depending on your requirements to divide up space should you need it. We can also fit drainage, and water pipes and provide electricity to the building if you're looking to use it as a garden home for elderly relatives or older children who are desperate for their own space but currently unable to make the expensive jump to the housing market.

Whatever your requirements get in touch today to discuss any plans you may have or for a quotation.

Struggling for ideas when it comes to the design? We love searching for the best home gardens and designs so have created this below to help provide you with some design inspiration. We also offer garden landscaping services so if you're looking for a complete overhaul and you're thinking of combining a new garden workshop with a completely re-designed garden, you can find out more here.

Guest House / Annex


Unused space at the bottom of your garden? Why not add a guest house down there complete with a porch to chill out on during a warm summer evening?


Guest House / Annex


Golf fan? Add a golf simulator paired with an open-plan living space for those times when you need a break.


Shape Designs


Utilise every inch of your garden and make the most out of an L Shape corner building for a design that adds character. Finish it off with a clean patio and a hot tub to create a chill zone.


Garage Simulator


Lover of cars & golf? Combine both with a 50/50 workshop where you can store your pride and joy but also hit a few balls to work on your game when you've got a spare half hour.


Home Gym

Fitness enthusiast? Create an open-plan garden gym that provides a fresh clean space to work out in to keep on top of your fitness levels.


Sports Bar


Sports fan? Add a big screen to watch the best games on, finish it off with a bar and a pool table to relax in between the breaks.


Got a design idea you need to bring to life? Get in touch today for a free quote and to see how we can help.

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