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Conversions & Remodelling

Looking to remodel your home? Or have you just purchased a property which requires updating? Whether it's removing internal walls to open up your living space to create an open plan ground floor or an old home which requires a complete overhaul such as configuring your layout to new walls and plaster, we're experienced in updating older properties to bring them into the 21st century and in redesigning your current layout to maximise space and create bright, spacious living areas. 

If you're currently searching for a company to carry out renovations or remodelling to your current property, whether it's a quotation for the works or a bit of advice if you're unsure of what the best way is to carry out your project, get in touch today 


Garage Conversions


With your car parked in the driveway and your garage collecting clutter from the rest of your house, Refresh Renovations can help convert your garage into a new room that will supplement your hobbies and lifestyle!

If you’re craving a new addition to your home, rather than going through the hassle of buying a bigger house, you can simply convert your garage! A popular option among homeowners, a transformed garage can often increase your property’s value. Whether you’re thinking of converting your garage to a yoga studio, a rumpus room, or a dedicated AirBnB space, the Refresh team can provide you with a stress-free transformation that matches your budget.


We make the entire process easier and more streamlined. No matter how big or small your renovation, we promise to deliver in-time and on budget.


Home Office Renovation


Working from home is becoming the new norm and many businesses are now offering their employees flexible working hours. Whether you are looking to work from home part-time, or want to create an additional workspace in your house to stay productive, we can convert an existing room in your home to create the perfect home office. Alternatively, we also provide garden rooms which are an ideal way to gain extra room but one that's independent of your house so you can keep out of the way of distractions in the home.

A common trend is to convert an existing underutilised space of your home into your home office, be it your garage, attic, or spare bedroom. However, if that is not an option for you, there is always the possibility of extending your home. From renovating existing areas to building completely new ones, it is important to create a workspace that fills your specific wants and needs, keeping you productive and efficient. You can view our extension and conversion page here for more info.


Outdoor Renovations

Whether you want to create a new outdoor room or landscape your garden area we're on hand and here to help. Whether you're looking for a re design of your current garden or a complete overhaul we provide a range of services such as patios, fencing, decking, and turf installation both real and artificial. You can view our landscape gardening services here.


Open plan remodelling

If your house is feeling a little crowded and you find there are certain rooms that aren't providing much use then we can re-configure your downstairs layout.  Whether it's moving a wall or two to change your layout or to completely open up your ground floor to provide open spacious open plan living, we can remodel your interior layout to provide the space and design you require.

Remodelling Considerations

Are you using a designer or designing it yourself?

We’re happy to work on your next project whether you’re designing it or are using a professional. The benefits of having a designer are that they’ll be able to make a realistic assessment of costs to renovate, how to add value to a property, and utilise a building’s features.

Does it require structural change?

If you’re not too keen on the layout of your property, then you may want to remove internal walls to create more space. While you won’t need planning permission for this (unless it’s a listed building), you’ll have to follow building regulations.

Do you require planning permission?

It depends on what you’re going for, if you want to remodel then this usually falls within permitted development, but building regulations will need to be adhered to. However, if you are extending the overall footprint of the building then you’ll need to make an application to your local authority.

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