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Landscaping Services in Rugby

Are you in need of professional garden landscaping services in Rugby? Whether you're envisioning an intricately designed garden, a sleek and contemporary layout with minimal maintenance, or a harmonious blend of both, we're here to turn your dream garden into reality.

Your garden is more than just an outdoor space; it's an extension of your home—a sanctuary for unwinding after a busy workday or enjoying a well-deserved weekend break. At Paddox Construction, we're dedicated to providing the garden you've always envisioned.

With our extensive experience working with diverse clients in Rugby, we specialize in transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant living areas tailored to unique preferences. Whether you have detailed architectural drawings, or a hand-drawn sketch, or are seeking inspiration and guidance for planning and designing your ideal garden, our skilled team is ready to meet your needs.

Paddox Construction offers a comprehensive range of landscaping services to meet all your needs.


Our dedicated team handles a variety of projects, ensuring your garden becomes a personalized haven reflecting your style. From concept to execution, we're here to make your dream garden a reality. Contact us for expert garden transformations in Rugby.

Slabbed patios and paths

Discovering the perfect slabs for your new patio is an exciting endeavour, with a wealth of options available today. From refined porcelain slabs and enduring limestone slabs to the rustic allure of sandstone paving, the robustness of granite paving, the distinctive character of riven slabs, and the sleek appeal of both textured and smooth slabs, the choices are abundant. Navigating through these options to find the ideal fit can be a rewarding challenge.

In our commitment to ensuring your utmost satisfaction, we provide an assortment of samples for every project we undertake. This enables you to evaluate the colour, texture, and finish of your patio, ensuring a seamless alignment with your envisioned aesthetic before we proceed with the installation. Our goal is not just to create a functional patio but to craft a space that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Blocked paving

Just as with slabs, there is now an extensive variety of block paving options to explore. Whether it's granite, charcoal, limestone, or bluestone block paving, these solutions have the power to swiftly transform your outdoor spaces into functional, pristine living areas suitable for a range of purposes. Upgrade your outdoor aesthetics and utility with our diverse block paving offerings.


If you like the warmth timber provides then we can provide a decked patio area in which you can sit out all year round to enjoy the space your garden provides. In addition to timber, we can also provide PCV decking which provides the look of timber, just without the upkeep.

Fencing & Cladding 

Your fence designates the boundaries of your property and also provides security and privacy. Whether it's panels and posts or featheredge fencing, we're experienced in erecting both styles. Most fences in gardens are provided at 6 feet but can supply slightly smaller ones if you feel a little less height is required. We can also treat/paint the fencing for you once installed but this service is only provided once we've installed a new fence or are in the process of remodelling your garden.

Turf installation

Your grass/turf area is a focal point within the garden and nothing looks more satisfying than a levelled lawn. When installing a new lawn we ensure the base layer is prepared correctly so that when your new turf is rolled it provides a flat surface which connects all the pieces of your garden together. 

Artificial lawn (astroturf) installation

Looking for a little less maintenance? We also provide artificial lawn installation. When installing an artificial lawn it's vital a sub base is correctly installed, due to this we ensure the correct amount of soil is taken away and replaced with a layer of hardcore, sharp sand and finally granite dust to help provide a firm base which provides adequate drainage. With a huge range of Astro turf available, we are able to provide samples on each job we undertake which includes a range of colours and twines to match your required look and are available in pile thicknesses from 6mm to 40mm.

Excavation & Garden Clearance

At Paddox Construction, we take pride in providing comprehensive garden clearance and excavation services tailored to your unique requirements. Our skilled team is committed to turning your outdoor space into a clean slate, ready for the patio or new lawn of your dreams. Through meticulous garden clearance, we efficiently remove debris, overgrown vegetation, and any unwanted elements, creating the ideal groundwork for your project. Our excavation services are crafted to prepare the foundation for the installation of exquisite patios and flourishing lawns.

When it comes to patio installation, we offer a diverse range of materials, including porcelain, limestone, sandstone, and granite slabs, ensuring a perfect base for your outdoor sanctuary. Whether you envision a sleek, contemporary design or a more rustic, natural aesthetic, our adept team can bring your vision to life.

For those seeking to rejuvenate their outdoor greenery, our new lawn services are tailored to enhance your landscape. From soil preparation to turf laying, we handle every step with precision to ensure a vibrant and healthy lawn. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction guarantees that your garden clearance, excavation, patio, and lawn services are executed seamlessly, leaving you with a transformed outdoor space to relish for years. Trust Paddox Construction to transform your garden aspirations into reality.

Patio sub-base installation

At Paddox Construction, our patio sub-base services are meticulously crafted to provide the solid foundation your outdoor space deserves. Our skilled team understands the critical role of a robust sub-base in ensuring the longevity and stability of your patio. We offer a range of sub-base materials, including hardcore, MOT Type 1, and gravel, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Our dedicated professionals conduct thorough site assessments to determine the optimal sub-base composition for your patio. By using high-quality materials and adhering to industry best practices, we guarantee a durable and reliable sub-base that withstands the test of time and varying weather conditions.

With a focus on precision and attention to detail, our patio sub-base services ensure a level and well-drained foundation, essential for the successful installation of your chosen patio materials, whether it's porcelain, limestone, sandstone, or granite slabs. This meticulous approach not only enhances the structural integrity of your patio but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Choose Paddox Construction for patio sub-base services that prioritize durability, stability, and a seamless foundation for your dream outdoor retreat. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your patio stands strong, providing a beautiful and enduring space for your leisure and relaxation.

Brickwork and blockwork garden walls

At Paddox Construction, we take pride in offering top-notch brick garden wall services designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. Our skilled team excels in creating durable and visually appealing brick walls that enhance the charm of your garden while providing practical solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of brick options, including traditional red bricks, weathered styles, and contemporary designs, ensuring a perfect match for your desired aesthetic. Our expert craftsmen work diligently to construct garden walls that seamlessly blend with the existing landscape, offering both structural integrity and visual harmony.

Our brick garden wall services extend beyond mere construction; we prioritize precision in planning and execution. From site assessments to the selection of premium-quality bricks, we tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether you require a decorative boundary or a functional enclosure, our team ensures that the brick walls not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Opting for Paddox Construction means choosing excellence in brickwork, combining durability, style, and meticulous construction. Transform your outdoor space with our bespoke brick garden wall services, creating a lasting and beautiful addition to your garden landscape. Trust us to build not just walls, but enduring statements of craftsmanship in your garden.


Timber sleeper installation

At Paddox Construction, our timber sleeper installation services bring a touch of natural beauty and practicality to your outdoor spaces. Our skilled team excels in crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing timber sleeper features, perfect for landscaping, retaining walls, or garden borders. We offer a range of timber options to suit your style, ensuring a seamless integration with your outdoor design.


With meticulous attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, our services enhance the charm of your landscape while providing sturdy and long-lasting solutions. Choose Paddox Construction for expert timber sleeper installations that elevate the character and functionality of your outdoor environment.

Looking to start your garden project? Get in touch today to find out how we can help

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