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If your fence has become damaged in the wind, or it's looking a little tired and it's time for a new one then we can supply and fit a range of styles. Whether it's a feather edge fence or a panel fence then we can fit whatever style you like the look of best.

We can also fit concrete or timber posts depending on your preference but it's always worth noting concrete will always provide a stronger structure and won't snap whereas the majority of timber posts give way at some point but these can often be repaired by attaching a small concrete post called a godfather to the bottom of the damaged post.

What is feather edge fencing?


Feather edge fencing is created by overlaying thick wooden slats and attaching them to the rails which sit between two posts. These thick wooden slats are what give this type of wooden fence the name feather edge due to the effect it creates.

The overall design is so that the fence can be built quickly yet offer a fencing option that is durable. More often than not panelled fencing needs more maintenance and tends to not last as long. 

Feather edge fencing is stronger and can withstand harsh weather such as strong winds.












What is panel fencing?

Panel fencing is quick to install and is usually a cheaper method. Panels now come in a variety of designs and you can opt for a traditional style panel, a cladding effect or a feather edge board effect.

It's not always as strong as a traditional feather edge but the main benefit is a panel breaks it's easy to lift out of the slot between two posts and replace it with a new panel. It can also provide benefits for access as if you can lift a panel out to create a huge entrance if you need access to a neighbouring garden or you're attached to a side alley.

Due to the nature of this compared to featheredge if remedial work is required it's easier and cheaper to carry out.

The best fencing structure

The main thing to consider when it comes to fencing is what the posts and gravel boards are constructed of. Timber and concrete are both used but you'll find timber will at some point break whereas concrete has been known to stand the test of time.

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